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Cilt 3, Sayı 7  Bahar 2015  (ISSN: 2147-8104, E-ISSN: )

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1433083855 Kazan-Tatar Turkısh Weddıng Proverbs

Since birth, the human beings use various means of communication to express their needs or experience. Thanks to language, one of the most effective means of communication, people express their feelings and thoughts easily to each other. It is possible to say that the language that is the principle reflector of the society that shapes the human being ensures that the intercommunal communication, and thus transfer of feelings and thoughts, can continue even centuries later. And one of the most important units of language that ensures the said transfer is proverbs. The set phrases, like proverbs especially, are accepted to be the products staying alive forever in languages of societies since their ancient ages. One of the most important reasons of this aliveness is the fact that proverbs can mostly reveal meanings full of pages in just a few words, thus functioning as a communication facilitator. This type, which never allows removing, even changing the place of a single word, acquires its final shape through the sieve of time, handed down from generation to generation. Such set phrases enable us to communicate with the people in the past as well. This way, we can observe their attitudes towards events as well as their style of expressing their feelings and thoughts. Proverbs, one of the types enabling us to contact with the past in the present day, can be regarded as a beam of light extending from past to future. The proverbs are maybe the most apparent cultural bridge connecting the past and the future. Final judgments delivered in consequence of experiences, proverbs are also the verbal form of the public life, which is always wondered. Easy to memorize as they are short and set phrases, proverbs have survived to the present day easily, and will also reach the next generations. Although they have been under Russian influence since 1552, the Kazan-Tatar Turks are a Turkic tribe that has achieved to preserve their cultural values and languages to a great extent, let alone leaving them. This study is about how wedding, a notion occupying an important place in human life, is expressed in Kazan-Tatar Turkish proverbs, and what these proverbs try to explain. The Kazan-Tatar Turkish wedding proverbs will be classified according to stages of a wedding, and Kazan Tatar Turkish wedding traditions and the related cultural values will also be identified.